Rudy Lopes, Author

Avid writer, voracious reader, vivid dreamer

I have spent most of my professional life in computer software development of one flavor or another, with the past 20 years or so in web development.

Side note: While I have done some mighty intensive and elaborate web development over the years, I specifically and deliberately didn’t for this blog. Why? Because I want it to focus on the writing career. So, good day and welcome to a default WordPress blog.

Addendum: OK, so I took time to pretty things up some. I don’t want an agent checking me out here to think I’m not serious about marketing myself.

I have always been a writer, though, going back to grade school, and last year I finally decided to try to get published.

While I’ve read mysteries, non-fiction, suspense, horror, and many other genres, my first loves have always been sci-fi and fantasy. (Thanks, Mom.)

Side Note: This page is a work-in-progress that I will publish and keep live, so don’t be too concerned that it seems stark or stilted. Hey, that’s the writing and editing process!