Rudy Lopes, Author

Avid writer, voracious reader, vivid dreamer

As you know I’m working on my first novel, titled “Mystics of Sonoduhl.”

The good news? I FOUND A PUBLISHER! The manuscript is in their pipeline and should be published sometime in 2023.

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One the many considerations for agents (and publishers) is that a prospective author has some sort of following. Currently I have an author page on Facebook and am @RudyLopes5 on Twitter. This mailing list would complete the trilogy.

What will I do with your email address?

I have no T-shirts.

I have no action figures.

I have nothing to advertise or sell, except (eventually) my novel. So I’ll keep you abreast of my journey’s highlights – when my book gets signed, when I finished the followup novel, stuff like that. I won’t abuse your trust, and certainly won’t sell your email address to anyone.

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