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First, a little background…

I’ve already written about how my writing career started.

Well, shortly after I started writing I decided it would be great to have regular contact with writing peers. Being fairly new in town, I checked with the local public library and found one headed by Debi, who owned a fairly prolific publishing company. At the monthly meetings, I’d read the latest chapter from my WIP (work in progress.)

After a few months Debi told me that she’d be happy to publish my novel when I was ready. I thanked her, but at that point wasn’t really thinking that far ahead. (At that point I was still wondering if I could finish the darn thing.)

Fast forward a bit. I finished the first draft, had alpha and beta readings, and had undergone several rounds of re-reads and edits. It was finally time to consider how to get it published. I knew my options were basically go for self-publishing or trying the traditional route. I wanted to experience the entirety of the writing/publishing experience, so I chose traditional. That meant drafting a query letter and trying to land an agent. (For more info on that route see my posts on querying.) That route ended up without drawing the interest of any of my target agents, so in the end I went back to Debi and asked if she was still interested.

She was.

She sent me a contract and we dickered back and forth a few times, until she responded to one of my requests with some surprising news: she had sold her publishing company. 🙁 I was back to square one, or so I assumed.

Until I reached out to the new owner, who assured me that he’d honor Debi’s contract offer.

So, I am pleased to announce that I have signed with Penit Publications to publish my debut epic fantasy novel, Mystics of Sonoduhl. More details as they become available.


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