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Front cover for my debut novel, Mystics of Sonoduhl

At long last, I have left the ranks of the “wanna be author” and am now, officially, “published author Rudy Lopes.”

You can find my debut fantasy novel, MYSTICS OF SONODUHL, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any reputable bookstore or public library. (If it isn’t in stock, by all means ask them to stock it!)

Maghrurio is a middle-aged nobody working for Abner, the magical Mystic of Decra. When a fiery explosion fatally injures Abner, he asks Maghrurio with his dying breath to find his assassin. He also makes Maghrurio the newest Mystic.

With no magical training or skills, Maghrurio has his work cut out for him. He must venture forth to bring the assassin to justice while avoiding the clutches of a power-hungry duke. Accompanied by Abner’s housekeeper and an apothecary he barely knows, Maghrurio must overcome his crippling self-doubt to prevent the destruction of the Mystic order. Along the way he uncovers a startling possibility – the assassin may be a Mystic himself.

If you’ve already ordered, I thank you (and ask that you leave a review.) If you haven’t already ordered, what’s keeping you? 🙂

Getting this book from idea to finished product has been a tortuous road at times, but I made it through to the end. Many thanks for everyone that helped make it possible.

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