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While I read a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, I have chosen as my first novel to be high fantasy. (High fantasy involves mythical worlds, magic, and epic themes.)

My local library (finally!) reopened this week, and I took a quick breeze through the aisles to reacquaint myself. Nestled in the back they have a wall of paperbacks, broken into sections by genre. The Romance section is by far the largest but they also have Western, Mystery, and Fantasy. As I’m writing a fantasy novel, I figured I’d check out what they had in their Fantasy section.


I didn’t recognize a single author, and the covers were all wrong. Most fantasy books I’ve seen feature wizards, dragons, sword-wielding barbarians, or other such tropes. The Fantasy books in this section mostly had shirtless men cradling scantily clad women.

As I said before, hmm…

I have to wonder what they think High Fantasy is.


  1. I’m here from “Fantasy Writers Critique & Support Group” after I posted about following other authors. This was an interesting read, and I’m excited to see where it takes you! Following now!

  2. Ha! This reply is for your High Fantasy post: I had to add negative search words to my Amazon advertising campaign because my “fantasy” search term kept getting “erotic fantasy” and “sexy fantasy.” What would that make me if I paid for that?

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