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I had another attack last night.

Let me explain…

On occasion, and for no reason I can fathom, I’ll get attacked in my sleep by a story idea. It typically manifests itself as a full-blown visually enhanced story – a dream movie, if you will. I’ll make my way through the plot and, if I’m lucky, find out how the story ends. Sometimes I don’t quite make it through, but either way I awake with the full memory of the story emblazoned upon my brain.

Then the fun starts, as my creative side picks over all aspects of the idea, adding nuggets to the story, and in most cases composing actual descriptive and dialogue.

All this happens while the majority of my body fights a losing battle to go back to sleep.

So last night I had an attack at 3:10am, probably one of the worst in a long while. In fact, the last one this bad ended up stewing in my brain for a few months before becoming my first novel.

This one seems to be no more than a short story at best. I’ll let it stew for a bit, though, and see whether it branches out into something more interesting.

Or if it dies on the vine.

Either way, I’ll be going to bed a bit earlier tonight.

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