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Front cover for my debut novel, Mystics of Sonoduhl

I’m so pleased with the reviews I’ve been getting for my debut novel Mystics of Sonoduhl:

Riveting and exciting! Easily and completely held my attention as it whisked me away into a fantasy land of escape from reality. Cannot wait for more! Fantastic!!!!!

“I was thoroughly absorbed in the wonderful adventure, featuring many surprises, a coming of age, friendship, loyalty, a fight against evil, and search for justice. The hero started out with much doubt but grew confidence – a key element – in his surprise status as a Mystic, overcoming his doubts with the help of loyal friends and commitment to a noble cause, despite seemingly insurmountable odds and tragedy against a cleverly hidden mystery villain. I loved the story and look forward to further adventures in the next chapter!”

“I can’t believe how good this was for a debut novel. I was interested the entire time in what was going on. I would be really excited for more books in this world. Well worth purchasing this book.”

“Mystics is a delightful and well-constructed little escape from reality – entertaining and varied, told with a compelling, joyous voice and intriguing characters, this is a really lovely inaugural novel, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to spending more time in Sonoduhl. Highly recommend!

“This book combines the spectacles of fantasy with the intrigue of a whodunit, also action and adventure. I loved how the author takes the reader through the main character’s process of developing his magic skills and gaining confidence in his role as a mystic. This book also extols the rewards of friendship and collaboration. Highly recommended.”

For sale at Amazon in ebook and paperback:

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