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It’s been another week. I ran the query by a couple more Facebook writing groups (I’m part of a lot of them…) and got some further feedback.

Some of the changes come from that feedback. Some come from me staring at the text for a while. Hopefully I’m getting closer to the “right” version.

Enjoy the journey!

Maghrurio is a middle-aged nobody working for Abner, the magical Mystic of Decra. When a fiery explosion leaves Abner fatally injured, he asks Maghrurio with his dying breath to find the assassin responsible for his death.

He also makes Maghurio the newest Mystic.

Maghurio never wanted the job. Hell, he never even imagined having it. But it was Abner’s dying request, so now he has to figure it all out.

With no magical skills and zero magical training, Maghrurio has his work cut out for him. He must search out the assassin and uncover his true motives, while avoiding the pursuit of a power-hungry duke and the assassin determined to stop him. 

Accompanied by Abner’s housekeeper and an apothecary he barely knows, Maghrurio is forced to overcome his imposter syndrome and lack of magical training to prevent the assassin from destroying the Mystic order.

Along the way he discovers the startling truth about the assassin and his connection with his fellow Mystics.

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